How to automate the creation of Windows Eventlog Custom Views

In the past couple of days I have been working on measuring system boot performance and you are probably going to see some posts from me on that subject soon. Today I want to share with you how you can automate the creation of a Windows Eventlog custom view.   While running these boot performance tests I reinstalled Windows several times on different systems and each time I wanted to collect the boot performance data from Read More …

Performing a Windows Performance Assessment with the Windows ADK

By now most of you have probably looked at the Windows 8 client or server preview build and unfortunately the most attention is given to the new Metro look, but hey there’s more than that coming, in fact there’s some awesome stuff coming I’d like you to know about. With Windows Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft also released the Windows Automated Installation Kit known as WAIK. For Windows 8 this is now being rebranded into Read More …

ToolTip: Xperf123 simplify Windows Performance Data Collection

Those of you who have been using the Windows Performance Analysis Toolkit know of the many command line options xperf provides. Xperf123 solves that challenge by providing an intuitive user interface to configure and start a trace. Xperf123 provides the following trace options: General Base Disk I/O High CPU Paged/Non Paged Pool Working Set Heap Leaks Virtual Allocations (Memory Leak) Wait Analysis Shutdown Reboot Startup Hibernation Note that the Xperf123 download package has the 64 Read More …

Retrieve Windows Boot Time Script

Here’s a small batch script to get the Windows 7 Boot time shown in milliseconds. @echo off FOR /F "Tokens=4" %%a IN (‘%windir%\system32\wevtutil.exe qe Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational /rd:true /f:Text /c:1 /q:"*[System[(EventID = 100)]]"  /e:Events ^| FIND "Duration"’) DO SET BTIME=%%a ECHO Boot Time is : %BTIME% Inspiration for this script came from the article Monitor System Startup Performance in Windows 7 written by Sean Wheeler for WindowsITPro.

ToolTip: Soluto–Improve your Windows Boot Performance

Hey here’s another cool application that can help improving Windows startup boot times. The Application is called Soluto and can be downloaded from here. Using Soluto is a no-brainer, just install it, and reboot. Soluto will show you the applications that are executed during the Windows Boot process and then allows you to either pause or delay the application during future boots.

ToolTip: BootRacer

When Microsoft developed Windows 7 a dedicated team was assigned to focus on startup performance. For details, read the Engineering Windows 7 – Boot Performance blog post. So what about your startup performance? . My colleague Rudi vanden Dries has been using a utility called BootRacer since a few months which provides a simple way of measuring system startup performance. Documentation, Download details and a short demonstration video can be found here

Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC

Intel vPro/AMT enabled systems allow you to remotely reboot a system from a redirected CD-ROM aka as IDE-R.  So if one of your users devices doesn’t boot its OS properly anymore, you can remotely boot that system with a diagnostics CD that you have stored on your local disk drive. As long as that recovery CD has a text based interface such as the SystemRescueCD the system can be remotely managed through the remote VT100 Read More …

Accessing the BIOS in Windows Virtual PC

When setting up a Virtual Machine in Windows Virtual PC, You will see the following progress window when the VM is started. This indicates that the VM is running in Enhanced Mode which is the default. To better understand the different modes of Windows Virtual PC I recommend reading the “Three Modes of Windows XP Mode” article. The progress windows is being displayed until the OS running in the VM has started up, so you Read More …

Virtual Hard Disk Getting Started Guide

Microsoft recently published the “Virtual Hard Disk Getting Started Guide”. This paper provides you with all the information you need around VHD. Download the Guide here

Boot from VHD in Windows 7 video

In this video Jeremy Chapman senior product manager from the Microsoft enterprise product management team talks about booting from VHD as well as some of the new imaging features. By the way, note that when booting Windows 7 from a VHD file you cannot use Windows Bitlocker or the Advanced Power Management features. Hibernation mode is also not supported. The Boot from VHD in Win7 video is published here. Additional information around native VHD support Read More …