PowerShell – Retrieve System Startup Time Information

The below script gathers the following system startup time information from a local or remote client. Computername Last Wakeup time (from Sleep, Hibernate or Fast boot on Windows 8x clients)The last wakeup date/time is converted from UTC into the client local time. Last Boot time The Time Zone of the client The system wakeup / sleep message from the Windows event log Important: the script uses PowerShell remoting, it’s therefore required that the targeted clients Read More …

Retrieve Windows Boot Time Script

Here’s a small batch script to get the Windows 7 Boot time shown in milliseconds. @echo off FOR /F "Tokens=4" %%a IN (‘%windir%\system32\wevtutil.exe qe Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational /rd:true /f:Text /c:1 /q:"*[System[(EventID = 100)]]"  /e:Events ^| FIND "Duration"’) DO SET BTIME=%%a ECHO Boot Time is : %BTIME% Inspiration for this script came from the article Monitor System Startup Performance in Windows 7 written by Sean Wheeler for WindowsITPro.