PowerShell – Retrieve System Startup Time Information

The below script gathers the following system startup time information from a local or remote client. Computername Last Wakeup time (from Sleep, Hibernate or Fast boot on Windows 8x clients)The last wakeup date/time is converted from UTC into the client local time. Last Boot time The Time Zone of the client The system wakeup / sleep message from the Windows event log Important: the script uses PowerShell remoting, it’s therefore required that the targeted clients Read More …

Windows 8 – Script to automatically show the desktop

A few weeks ago I came across a blog post from Brandon where he provides a solution how to automatically show the Windows Desktop when logging on to Windows 8. The solution is actually quite straight forward, all you need to do is to add a shortcut that points to explorer.exe to the Start Menu startup folder. When a user logs on, Windows processes the items stored within the Startup folder and executing explorer.exe then Read More …

ToolTip: Soluto–Improve your Windows Boot Performance

Hey here’s another cool application that can help improving Windows startup boot times. The Application is called Soluto and can be downloaded from here. Using Soluto is a no-brainer, just install it, and reboot. Soluto will show you the applications that are executed during the Windows Boot process and then allows you to either pause or delay the application during future boots.

ToolTip: BootRacer

When Microsoft developed Windows 7 a dedicated team was assigned to focus on startup performance. For details, read the Engineering Windows 7 – Boot Performance blog post. So what about your startup performance? . My colleague Rudi vanden Dries has been using a utility called BootRacer since a few months which provides a simple way of measuring system startup performance. Documentation, Download details and a short demonstration video can be found here