Getting access to Windows 7 Evaluation installation sources

Most IT pro’s probably don’t have a problem in getting access to the Windows 7 operating system installation sources because they can access them through their corporate volume license agreement and/or MSDN or TechNet subscription. But unfortunately there are still some out there who do not have such easy access to these sources. For the use of Windows 7 on a primary device (the one that one uses on a daily basis) an official version Read More …

Windows XP Mode IT Pro Deployment Video

If you consider using XP Mode, then I recommend watching this video. This video contains a good tutorial on how to install and configure XP mode including a lot of additional hints. Furthermore the video explains how to create a customized XP Mode VHD for deployment on multiple clients. The video can be downloaded from here

Virtual Hard Disk Getting Started Guide

Microsoft recently published the “Virtual Hard Disk Getting Started Guide”. This paper provides you with all the information you need around VHD. Download the Guide here