How to access data from the local disk when running a Windows To Go Workspace

When provisioning a Windows To Go Workspace using the Windows 8 build-in Windows To Go creator or following the step by step instructions described within the TechNet Wiki a SAN policy is applied that prevents the Windows To Go Workspace from bringing online any internally connected disks from the host system. The result is that you cannot access any data that is stored there. There are two reasons why this SAN policy should be applied. Read More …

How to add drivers to the Windows Defender Offline Tool

Back in January I wrote a post about how the Windows Defender Offline Beta Tool works and mentioned that the preparation wizard does not have an option to inject drivers. This can be a problem when WinPE does not recognize the disk or when you wish to have network connectivity. I had promised to explain how to add drivers to the Windows Defender Offline Beta tool, but actually forgot about writing a follow up post Read More …

Shrinking your System Drive

I am currently doing some training on App-V and for the sequencing of Applications there is a requirement to have 2 Partitions running on the system on which you sequence the application. Unfortunately I had setup my Windows 7 lab PC with only one partition. A couple of years ago you would have ended up using some 3rd party tools to repartition your system but nowadays (actually since Windows Vista) this is something that takes Read More …

Virtual Hard Disk Getting Started Guide

Microsoft recently published the “Virtual Hard Disk Getting Started Guide”. This paper provides you with all the information you need around VHD. Download the Guide here

About disk drives

Today we had a brief discussion about the impact of power cycles on the disk drive lifetime. In searching for some background information on this subject, I found the followiing. This is not directly related but found it a nice story so i post it as well.