Windows 8 – What’s new in the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (DISM)

On my journey discovering the new features within Windows 8 I’ve come across a bunch of new options within the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool aka DISM. When running launching the DISM command we get an overview of all the commands and options. The blue coloured commands and options below are the new ones added compared to Windows 7. At first we see a whole new command group being added called “Generic Imaging Commands. Read More …

Getting access to Windows 7 Evaluation installation sources

Most IT pro’s probably don’t have a problem in getting access to the Windows 7 operating system installation sources because they can access them through their corporate volume license agreement and/or MSDN or TechNet subscription. But unfortunately there are still some out there who do not have such easy access to these sources. For the use of Windows 7 on a primary device (the one that one uses on a daily basis) an official version Read More …

Windows XP Mode IT Pro Deployment Video

If you consider using XP Mode, then I recommend watching this video. This video contains a good tutorial on how to install and configure XP mode including a lot of additional hints. Furthermore the video explains how to create a customized XP Mode VHD for deployment on multiple clients. The video can be downloaded from here

ToolTip – Shell extensions for VHD files

If you are running a Hyper-V server, this is something you want to look at. The VHDShellExt.VBS extends the explorer context menu for VHD files with the following functions. Download the script from MSDN Code Gallery and run cscript.exe VHDShellExt.vbs /action:setup for installation. More documentation can be found on Ravikanth’s site.

Boot from VHD in Windows 7 video

In this video Jeremy Chapman senior product manager from the Microsoft enterprise product management team talks about booting from VHD as well as some of the new imaging features. By the way, note that when booting Windows 7 from a VHD file you cannot use Windows Bitlocker or the Advanced Power Management features. Hibernation mode is also not supported. The Boot from VHD in Win7 video is published here. Additional information around native VHD support Read More …

Converting WIM to VHD

Today I’ve tested the WIM2VHD script provided by Mike Kolitz a Software Design Engineer from the Hyper-V Team at Microsoft. In short, the script allows you to create a bootable VHD file directly from Windows 7 installation media, so you don’t need to go through the whole Windows Installation process. Once the VHD is completed, you can move it directly into your Hyper-V System and boot the operating system. Detailed information about the script can Read More …

Booting Win7 from a VHD file

Windows7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will support booting directly from a VHD (Virtual hard disk) file. This will allow you to run multiple operating systems on a single hard disk without the need of creating multiple partitions. I found a nice description on the blog from rasmus sjoerslev about booting Windows7 from a VHD file.