What you should know about Windows 7 and using the WAIK

Many of you have probably already considered installing the 64 bit version of Windows 7 if not done already. I just found a “must read” article on the Deployment Guys blog about the WAIK and creating unattends for x32 and x64 images.  Click here to read the entire article.

Boot from VHD in Windows 7 video

In this video Jeremy Chapman senior product manager from the Microsoft enterprise product management team talks about booting from VHD as well as some of the new imaging features. By the way, note that when booting Windows 7 from a VHD file you cannot use Windows Bitlocker or the Advanced Power Management features. Hibernation mode is also not supported. The Boot from VHD in Win7 video is published here. Additional information around native VHD support Read More …

Windows 7 Deployment Changes

Those looking at Windows 7 deployment read the “Windows 7 Deployment Changes” article on the Windows System Deployment Blog.

Converting WIM to VHD

Today I’ve tested the WIM2VHD script provided by Mike Kolitz a Software Design Engineer from the Hyper-V Team at Microsoft. In short, the script allows you to create a bootable VHD file directly from Windows 7 installation media, so you don’t need to go through the whole Windows Installation process. Once the VHD is completed, you can move it directly into your Hyper-V System and boot the operating system. Detailed information about the script can Read More …

Windows 7 – Driverstore size

When it comes to OS deployment the size of the image to some extend does matter. Windows by default comes with a large set of plug and play device drivers that are included within the operating system installation sources. Prestaged drivers in Windows Vista and Windows 7 are located under C:\Windows\system32\Driverstore. If you run the following command against your mounted Windows 7 image file, you get a list of all PnPdrivers included within the Driverstore. Read More …

Reducing size of WinPE

Today I have been looking into the new “Profiling” options for Windows PE 3.0. Using the profiling options allow you to reduce the content of Windows PE to an absolute minimum without removing any boot critical content. I am not going to re-write a step by step process here, as it is all described within the Windows PE User Guide for Windows 7 but here are the basic things First build your PE boot.wim the Read More …

Technet Magazine – Automating Virtual Machine Host Deployment

Great article i just finished reading about automating virtual machine host deployment on Hyper-V. Download the complete Technet Magazine January 2009 edition here. When having trouble reading the CHM file, read this.

WDS – Multicast Transmission to Deploy Multiple Clients

The below video is from Technet where Gordon Ryan explains how to use multicast transmission to deploy multiple clients. [videofile]http://download.microsoft.com/download/B/E/1/BE16009B-E44D-474F-896C-0E43162D47D8/winvideo-ITPro-WDSMulticast.wmv[/videofile]

Windows 7 – Walkthroughs

Learn more about Windows 7, watch the Walkthroughs. Windows 7 Walkthrough – AppLocker Windows 7 Walkthrough – User State Migration Tool Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows 7 Beta) Windows 7 Walkthrough – Problem Steps Recorder Windows 7 Walkthrough – Deployment Image Servicing and Management Windows 7 Walkthrough – Enterprise Application Compatibility Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7

Windows 7 Bitlocker

Bitlocker is the build-in disc encryption solution that was first shipped with Windows Vista. The deployment of Bitlocker with Windows Vista wasn’t a straight forward process both in deployment and configuration. Reading and watching the current content that is provided around Windows 7 it looks that we can expect a number of improvements for Bitlocker. Bitlocker now also supports encryption of removable media, Additional Group Policy settings to manage Bitlocker No upfront drive preparation needed Read More …