Windows 8 Support for eDrives

I have just installed the Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Kit and came across some information about Windows 8 support for eDrive also known as the Encrypted Hard Disk Drive.. The Windows Setup Reference mentions a new setting called Microsoft-Windows-EnhancedStorage-Adm / TCGSecurityActivationDisabled. By default, when Windows is installed on an eDrive, Windows automatically encrypts the drive by using TCG and IEEE 1667 transport standards. More information: eDrive Device Guide Almost All Future Drives Will Self Read More …

What you should know about Windows 7 and using the WAIK

Many of you have probably already considered installing the 64 bit version of Windows 7 if not done already. I just found a “must read” article on the Deployment Guys blog about the WAIK and creating unattends for x32 and x64 images.  Click here to read the entire article.