Using Hard Links – Part Two

In my previous post Using hard Links – Part One I explained how Hard Links work. Today’s post is about using hard links with USMT 4.0 in a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration scenario. A typical client migration scenario for an end user usually consists of the following processes: User Data and Settings backup Operating System Migration Application Installation User Data and Settings Restore When migrating to previous versions of Windows in most cases Read More …

What you should know about Windows 7 and using the WAIK

Many of you have probably already considered installing the 64 bit version of Windows 7 if not done already. I just found a “must read” article on the Deployment Guys blog about the WAIK and creating unattends for x32 and x64 images.  Click here to read the entire article.

Prep-ing WINPE does make a difference

When creating WinPE 2.0 boot images, make sure you run the PEImg /prep command against your boot.wim as it does make a significant difference in sze as shown in the table below: Bootable ISO file with WiinPE 2.0 Size in MB boot.wim prepped 146 mb boot.wim not prepped 203 MB Considering this all is loaded into memory, you might want to make sure to reduce the size of the boot.wim to an absolute minimum.