Using Hard Links – Part Two

In my previous post Using hard Links – Part One I explained how Hard Links work. Today’s post is about using hard links with USMT 4.0 in a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration scenario. A typical client migration scenario for an end user usually consists of the following processes: User Data and Settings backup Operating System Migration Application Installation User Data and Settings Restore When migrating to previous versions of Windows in most cases Read More …

ToolTip: Hardlink Scanner

Here’s another nice utility I found today called Hard Link Scanner. Hard Link scanner is a command line tool that scans directories for hard linked files. Download Hard Link Scanner from here

ToolTip: Link Shell Extension

Earlier this week I wrote about using Hard Links. By doing my research on this subject I came across the Link Shell Extension utility. As the name says the utility extends the shell with additional options to create hard and symbolic links. So if you don’t want to type commands at the command prompt to create a hard link, this utility is just right for you. Additional very detailed documentation and utility download links can Read More …

Using Hard Links – Part One

Nowadays we often hear the term Hard link in conjunction with Windows 7 deployments, this because the User State Migration Tool 4.0 aka USMT now provides support for hard links. The advantage of using hard links is that there is no explicit need to copy the data away from the machine before installing Windows 7. I plan to write about USMT 4.0 and the use of hard links in another post. The purpose of this Read More …

What’s New in the Windows User State Migration Tool

Read about what’s new in USMT (User State Migration Tool), download the whitepaper here