Windows 7 Mobile Broadband

Windows 7’s Mobile Broadband enhancements give people a more reliable way to connect to the Internet using a wireless modem. Taking advantage of this feature is just like connecting to any other wireless network, and is done using the View Available Networks feature. This week there have been some questions around the use of mobile broadband with Windows 7, so I’ve started searching the web for information.  and came across the Mobile Broadband Team Blog. Read More …

Windows 7 versus Vista and XP

Kai Schmerer from ZDNet Germany has done some benchmarking with Windows 7 , Vista and XP. The full article can be found here

Updated Plans for Windows7 in Europe

Although we have seen many creative ways on how to get a browser on Windows 7 E, it looks like the plans for Windows7 E have changed. Read the entire article here

Another way to get a browser installed on Windows7 E

In my earlier post "How to download a browser on Windows7 E” I explained how to create a simple script to download a browser. I just came across another blog article that might be useful for those that do not want or can’t use a script. The article “Downloading a browser in E, without a browser, in 3 steps” explains how you can get access to a browser through Windows Media Player.

Windows7 BranchCache test results

Back in April I was playing with BranchCache in my home lab environment to get an idea about how things are supposed to work but simulating a real world WAN network isn’t that easy, unless you have access to some expensive software or you can simulate a network on a Linux box, but unfortunately my knowledge with Linux is near zero. So to see how BranchCache really works out in a real environment, I asked Read More …

How to download a browser on Windows7 E

As a response to the European Antitrust Commission, Microsoft will strip the Internet Explorer from Windows7 SKUs aimed for European markets. For end users this means that unless the hardware vendor has a browser pre-installed, which is going to be very unlikely, users must install a browser themselves. So how to download and install a browser if you don’t have a browser to access the internet? The geeks among us would probably use an ftp Read More …

Windows Virtual PC – first experiences

With the release of the Windows7 RC0 build, Microsoft also published a first Beta for Windows Virtual PC that provides the underlying technology for XP Mode feature. Windows Virtual PC cannot only run Windows XP but does also allow running virtualized Windows Vista and Windows 7 clients. After having installed a Windows Vista guest, it’s important to install both the integration features as well as the rail_qfe_beta_for_vista_sp1_x86_343758.msu. If you don’t install the last, you won’t Read More …

Walkthrough to Get Your Applications Ready for Windows 7

Windows 7 – Learning Portal