Another way to get a browser installed on Windows7 E

In my earlier post "How to download a browser on Windows7 E” I explained how to create a simple script to download a browser. I just came across another blog article that might be useful for those that do not want or can’t use a script. The article “Downloading a browser in E, without a browser, in 3 steps” explains how you can get access to a browser through Windows Media Player.

How to download a browser on Windows7 E

As a response to the European Antitrust Commission, Microsoft will strip the Internet Explorer from Windows7 SKUs aimed for European markets. For end users this means that unless the hardware vendor has a browser pre-installed, which is going to be very unlikely, users must install a browser themselves. So how to download and install a browser if you don’t have a browser to access the internet? The geeks among us would probably use an ftp Read More …