PowerShell script to run the Windows App Certification Kit

The Windows App Certification Kit is an easy to use tool to check whether an application has potential compatibility issues when running on Windows 10.  The tool can be executed in GUI mode and in command line mode. I wrote a PowerShell script that runs the Windows App Certification Kit in a more or less automated way. I say more or less, because the application installation process of the application itself might still prompt for Read More …

Running an Application as Administrator or in Compatibility Mode

Today someone in a forum asked how to programmatically configure an application so that it runs in compatibility mode. Configuring this manually is easy, just open the file’s properties, select the Compatibility tab and apply the required settings. On Windows 7 this then looks as shown in the picture below. Now whatever we configure here, it all gets written to the following location in the Windows Registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers If the settings have to apply Read More …

WatchTip: AppTitude: Recorded Demo

Seeing is believing – watch this 20 minute recorded demonstration of the AppTitude application testing and application remediation platform to learn how to accelerate your Windows 7, Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp, 64x, Windows Server and IE8 projects. . Video here (one-time registration required).

WatchTip: Video demo of AppDNA AppTitude from MMS 2010

Application Compatibility in these days is a hot topic. Watch this Demo and find out how AppTitude from AppDNA can help you to speed up your Application Compatibility analysis and remediation effort. Watch the video here Source: BrianMadden.com

Windows7 Application Compatibility Center

Source: ars technica Microsoft currently has a placeholder page for the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, which will be launching at the same time as Windows 7. Read entire article here

Windows Vista Application Compatibility List

Is your application vista compatible ? The Windows Vista Application Compatibility List for IT professionals might give you the answer. The list contains all applications that have the status “Certified for Windows Vista” or “Works with Windows Vista”. This list might be helpful as well in planning for Windows7, since “most” applications that work for Windows Vista are supposed to work on Windows7 as well.

Walkthrough to Get Your Applications Ready for Windows 7


Windows7 – Application Compatibility – ACT 5.5

Microsoft has released ACT 5.5 (Application Compatibility Toolkit). ACT 5.5 provides support for pre-RTM version of Windows7. To learn more about ACT 5.5 I recommend reading  “Windows 7 Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5: Interview with Jeremy Chapman”. ACT 5.5. can be downloaded here Another great information source is the Application Compatibility and User Account Control site on Microsoft TechNet. And finally I came across the blog from Chris Jackson -the App Compat Guy” that is worth Read More …

Windows 7: Application Compatibility

I’ve just spend an hour in gathering some additional information around Windows 7 Application Compatibility. Till now when we moved to a new operating system version a significant amount of effort was required with regard to application compatibility. So will companies that invested in Windows Vista Application compatibility have to do all that work again for Windows 7 ? Unfortunately not, on almost any Microsoft source i found around Application Compatibility, the following statements are Read More …