ConfigMgr–Compliance Baseline for BranchCache on Windows 8

Here’s a ConfigMgr Compliance baseline that checks the BranchCache configuration on Windows 8 clients. With the release of Windows 8 and Server 2012 Microsoft also made available PowerShell cmdlets for BranchCache, so creating a script based configuration item in ConfigMgr becomes a pretty straight forward task. The below Compliance Baseline checks the following 3 things. Is BranchCache Enabled Is the Service Running Is BranchCache operating in Distributed Cache mode The following PowerShell commands are included Read More …

ReadTip: BranchCache Learning Roadmap

Microsoft has published a BranchCache Learning Roadmap document. Download the document from here This learning roadmap provides you with links to prerequisite information you need to understand and deploy BranchCache, and also provides links to BranchCache information from level 100 to level 300. In addition there are links to optional information that will enhance your ability to expand and manage your BranchCache deployment.

ToolTip: SMB BranchCache deployment Diagnosis script

Just found this SMB BranchCache deployment diagnosis script on MSDN Code Gallery. The Test-SMBBranchCache script is used to find common SMB BranchCache misconfiguration issues. It allows a user to verify the SMB BranchCache server or client configuration. When run on a server, it can test the state of a BranchCache-enabled network share. When run on a client, it can do an end-to-end validation of the SMB BranchCache functionality. Download documentation and diagnosis script from here

ReadTip: Enhanced Branch Office Productivity and WAN Bandwidth Savings with Microsoft BranchCache

For those who are in the decision making process of using BranchCache, I strongly recommend to read the Enhanced Branch Office Productivity and WAN Bandwidth Savings with Microsoft BranchCache Report from Edison. Microsoft commissioned the Edison Group to create and run a series of tests designed to provide quantified data to illustrate the effects of the file transfer acceleration provided by using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with BranchCache enabled. The result of Read More …

ReadTip: Is BranchCache right for remote, serverless software distribution?

BranchCache is a new feature available in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 that reduces WAN bandwidth usage and improves application responsiveness when workstations in a remote location access content from the head office or data center by downloading and caching content on the local network as it is requested, making it immediately available to other clients that subsequently request the same content. This paper examines the BrachCache functionality specifically in the context of Read More …

Choosing the right Server Edition for your BranchCache deployment

Windows Server 2008 R2 is available in multiple editions. If you’re planning to deploy BranchCache it’s important to consider installing the right server edition as there is a difference in the provided functionality between the different server editions. Windows Server 2008 R2 BranchCache Features   Source: BranchCache Content Server Source repository, located at the main office, for the content that is accessed by client computers in branch offices. Content may reside on either a Read More …

Collect BranchCache Bandwidth data using PowerShell

If you have BranchCache deployed within your enterprise environment you might be interested in the BranchCache Bandwidth Saving Calculation PowerShell Script for the SMB Protocol which allows you to collect and measure the amount of WAN bandwidth that is saved by your BranchCache deployment. Get the documentation and script from here