ConfigMgr–Compliance Baseline for BranchCache on Windows 8

Here’s a ConfigMgr Compliance baseline that checks the BranchCache configuration on Windows 8 clients. With the release of Windows 8 and Server 2012 Microsoft also made available PowerShell cmdlets for BranchCache, so creating a script based configuration item in ConfigMgr becomes a pretty straight forward task.

The below Compliance Baseline checks the following 3 things.

  1. Is BranchCache Enabled
  2. Is the Service Running
  3. Is BranchCache operating in Distributed Cache mode


The following PowerShell commands are included within the configuration items.

$bcstat = get-bcstatus | Select-Object -Property BranchCacheIsEnabled

$bcsrv = get-bcstatus | Select-Object -Property BranchCacheServiceStatus

$bmode = get-bcstatus | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ClientConfiguration 
# DistributedCache

The result is as following (when all is compliant.



Or as following when things are NOT Compliant. 


You can download the exported fie from here:

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  1. do you still have this available? the link to your onedrive says the file no longer exists. I do not see it on your github. –thanks!

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