A Security Baseline Resource for Windows 7–Internet Explorer and Windows 7 Firewall

If you are looking for some ideas how to secure your Windows 7 clients, have a look at the USGCB (The United States Government Configuration Baseline). The USGCB has been developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The documentation looks impressive and even if you aren’t going to apply all of these 1-1, it might give you some ideas on how to make your clients more secure.

Some of you might remember the security guides provided by the NSA (National Security Agency) for Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista, but you won’t find a Windows 7 Security guide there, this because The "Specialized Security – Limited Functionality" (SSLF) security settings in Microsoft’s Windows Vista/7 Security Guide track closely with the security level historically represented in the NSA guidelines.


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