How to prevent a Metro App from running using Applocker

In Windows 8 the Applocker feature has been extended to support management of metro style apps. Enterprise administrators can define a Packaged app Rule to allow or deny the installation and/or use of a particular metro style app. When opening the Group Policy editor under Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Application Control Settings / Applocker there is a new node called Packaged app Rules.   To create a new rule, right Read More …

Restricting the use of Windows Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PC is a great feature of Windows 7, but unfortunately Microsoft did not consider to provide any Group Policy settings to control the use of it. In an enterprise or small business environment you might want to do the following: Completely restrict the use of Windows Virtual PC (even if users have local administrative rights and can enable the feature) Prevent the creation of additional Virtual machines other than the one you prepared Read More …

Applocker Documentation

The AppLocker Technical Documentation for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 provides technical guidance about understanding how AppLocker works and how to effectively plan and deploy AppLocker policies. The download contains two documents: BETA – AppLocker Frequently Asked Questions.pdf BETA – Planning and Deploying Windows AppLocker Policies.pdf Download here

Windows 7 – Applocker needs a 2008 R2 DC

Yesterday evening I looked at some of the new features within Windows 7. So at some stage I wanted to see Applocker running. I spend about an hour reviewing my settings, checking GPO processing until I went back to the documentation, just to find out that little sentence at the very bottom of that page….. “At least one Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller is required to host the Applocker rules“. Once more… RTFM 🙂 Read More …

Windows 7 – Walkthroughs

Learn more about Windows 7, watch the Walkthroughs. Windows 7 Walkthrough – AppLocker Windows 7 Walkthrough – User State Migration Tool Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows 7 Beta) Windows 7 Walkthrough – Problem Steps Recorder Windows 7 Walkthrough – Deployment Image Servicing and Management Windows 7 Walkthrough – Enterprise Application Compatibility Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7