Windows 7 Bitlocker

Bitlocker is the build-in disc encryption solution that was first shipped with Windows Vista. The deployment of Bitlocker with Windows Vista wasn’t a straight forward process both in deployment and configuration. Reading and watching the current content that is provided around Windows 7 it looks that we can expect a number of improvements for Bitlocker.

  • Bitlocker now also supports encryption of removable media,
  • Additional Group Policy settings to manage Bitlocker
  • No upfront drive preparation needed anymore (this is a great improvement as it simplifies deployment)
  • Manage BDE is now a commandline tool (in Vista it was a script)
  • Allows encryption of one or multiple partitions (no requirement anymore to have the OS partition encrypted)

 For more details watch the video below where Shalu Gupta MS Program Manager talks about the new Bitlocker in Windows 7.


Additionally you can download / view  the Windows 7 Walkthrough: BitLocker and BitLocker to Go

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