A quick look at the Windows PowerShell Module for Intel vPro

In a previous post Using Intel AMT Power Management @ Home I wrote about how to use Intel AMT Power Management at home or let’s say in an environment where you don’t have systems managed by an infrastructure that provides integrated support for Intel AMT. Now Intel has released a PowerShell Module for Intel vPro. You find all the details in the following blog posts. Intel Core vPro Processor PowerShell Module – Release & Introduction Read More …

Intel KVM Remote Control and VNC Viewer Plus

Back in December 2009 I posted Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC which explained how to use VNC running in WinPE to remotely manage a vPro enabled device. For those that did try this themselves will have noticed that the process isn’t as comfortable as we would like it to be for day to day use. But with the Introduction of Intel’s AMT version 6.0 which includes KVM Remote Control and VNC Read More …

Intel AMT 6.0 KVM Remote Control

Back in December 2009 I wrote an article about Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC the reason for using VNC is because until AMT 5.0 only text based console redirection is supported, hence AMT 5.0 does only support text based operating systems, so if we wanted to remotely manage a PC to fix a problem we ended up using DOS or Linux based recovery media or a solution as described in the Read More …

Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC

Intel vPro/AMT enabled systems allow you to remotely reboot a system from a redirected CD-ROM aka as IDE-R.  So if one of your users devices doesn’t boot its OS properly anymore, you can remotely boot that system with a diagnostics CD that you have stored on your local disk drive. As long as that recovery CD has a text based interface such as the SystemRescueCD the system can be remotely managed through the remote VT100 Read More …

Using Intel AMT Power Management @ Home

I write most of my blog posts at home in the evenings. Usually when I find a new tool I install these first within a virtual machine, this to not mess our family PC or my laptop I use for work. All Virtual Machines run on a HP dc7800 desktop which has Intel vPro support. This PC is installed down in the cellar. To avoid having to go down there to power on  the PC Read More …

Intel Anti-Theft Technology

Another thing I came across this week was the Intel Anti-Theft Technology videos. So if you are interested to see how Intel could help you getting back your notebook watch the videos posted here.

Intel vPro review

Okay, I must admit, I don’t believe in all Gartner is publishing, but while I was looking for some additional information around “DASH” I found the following interesting “Revisiting vPro for Corporate Purchases” article from Gartner, worth a read.

Intel vPro – Known Issues, Best Practices, and Workarounds

Today when working on a vPro related issue, we came across the Intel vPro – Known Issues, Best Practices and Workarounds page. For those who deal with vPro it’s definitely worth reading that content.

Intel AMT in action

For those of you who do have vPro capable machines in their environment, but never had the chance to take a closer look at the AMT features, this blog post might be of interest. For most people I assume the biggest hurdle to start using the AMT technology is that you need a System Management Infrastructure setup that provides AMT support like Microsoft SCCM, Altiris Client Management Suite, Intel Landesk or the HP System Configuration Read More …

vPro colors in BIOS

When remotely accessing the system BIOS of a HP Compaq dc7800 desktop machine using vPro, the BIOS appears in black and white as shown in the picture below: to get the native BIOS colors you must configure the terminal emulator mode to ANSI then, the BIOS will appear with colors as if you were sitting in front of the physical machine. Thanks to Claude Henchoz for the hint.