Intel AMT 6.0 KVM Remote Control

Back in December 2009 I wrote an article about Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC the reason for using VNC is because until AMT 5.0 only text based console redirection is supported, hence AMT 5.0 does only support text based operating systems, so if we wanted to remotely manage a PC to fix a problem we ended up using DOS or Linux based recovery media or a solution as described in the above mentioned article.

The waiting is over! With AMT 6.0 Intel introduces a new feature called KVM Remote Control. The beauty of KVM Remote Control is that now we finally get full remote control functionality over remote systems regardless of the operating system they are running or the state they are in.

So no text-mode limitations anymore ? No, we now have full remote control functionality as we are used to when using remote control tools such as VNC.

Although AMT has many other great features that can help improve client manageability and security, I personally believe that the KVM Remote Control feature is going to be a killer feature. Companies that currently use a 3rd Party (non-free) Remote Control solution are given the opportunity to save software licensing costs for their remote control software which will justify the investment in vPro / AMT 6.0 enabled client hardware devices.

The video below contains a demonstration of the AMT 6.0 KVM Remote Control feature.


Or watch a funny but probably realistic version of the KVM Remote Control feature demo in the video below.


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  1. How does the keyboard/mouse are seen on the machine?

    Are they USB devices injected in the USB tree boot up?
    Or are they overriding currently connected keyboard/mouse at chipset level, and sending their data stream from there?

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