A quick look at the Windows PowerShell Module for Intel vPro

In a previous post Using Intel AMT Power Management @ Home I wrote about how to use Intel AMT Power Management at home or let’s say in an environment where you don’t have systems managed by an infrastructure that provides integrated support for Intel AMT. Now Intel has released a PowerShell Module for Intel vPro. You find all the details in the following blog posts. Intel Core vPro Processor PowerShell Module – Release & Introduction Read More …

Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC

Intel vPro/AMT enabled systems allow you to remotely reboot a system from a redirected CD-ROM aka as IDE-R.  So if one of your users devices doesn’t boot its OS properly anymore, you can remotely boot that system with a diagnostics CD that you have stored on your local disk drive. As long as that recovery CD has a text based interface such as the SystemRescueCD the system can be remotely managed through the remote VT100 Read More …

Intel Anti-Theft Technology

Another thing I came across this week was the Intel Anti-Theft Technology videos. So if you are interested to see how Intel could help you getting back your notebook watch the videos posted here.

Intel vPro review

Okay, I must admit, I don’t believe in all Gartner is publishing, but while I was looking for some additional information around “DASH” I found the following interesting “Revisiting vPro for Corporate Purchases” article from Gartner, worth a read.