Windows 8 – Troubleshooting Licensing with licensingdiag.exe

Should you encounter problems with activating Windows 8 or Server 2012 then have a look at the new added command-line tool licensingdiag.exe. To run licensingdiag.exe open a command prompt and enter the following command: licensingdiag.exe -report c:\data\licensing\licenserep.xml -log c:\data\licensing\ This will create a log file and a CAB file. The log file is an XML type file that contains various information about the client, the OS and its licensing status. The CAB file contains a Read More …

Windows 8 the Comeback of 3rd Party DVD Player Software?

Microsoft recently confirmed that Windows Media Center will not be included by default within Windows 8 but will be available as an economical “media pack” add-on to Windows 8 Pro. One of the reasons for not including it anymore as a build-in feature is because according to the data Microsoft has collected via it’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) only a small percentage of users are actively using Media Center on Windows 7. Another reason Read More …

Windows 8 – File History Feature replaces “Previous Versions” and Backup and Restore

While reading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server “8” Beta Compatibility Cookbook I came across the topic Volume Shadow Copy Service UI Removed. Due to the fact that this feature was obviously rarely used by end users and it’s negative impact on Windows performance, Microsoft decided to removed this feature from Windows 8. In addition Microsoft also decided to deprecate the Windows 7 Backup and Restore feature, again because this functionality appears to Read More …

Saturday morning ramblings with Windows 8 Hyper-V and Sun VirtualBox

Yesterday I prepared a new system with Windows 8 CP that has the latest Intel I7 processor and 8GB of RAM. My initial plan was to use Hyper-V which is now also included as a feature on the Client. So on this beautiful Saturday morning I continued with the setup of this HP 8760w Elitebook.  But because I ran into several network related issues, others have also reported about on the Microsoft forums, I decided Read More …

ToolTip: Known Folders Browser

Are you finding all the “special folders” in Windows Vista/7/8 a bit overwhelming? Which are real folders and which are virtualized? Which are profile-specific and which are common to all users? Which are rooted and which are relative? The Known Folders Browser can help. The Known Folders Browser written by Kenny Kerr can be downloaded from here

Microsoft releases DaRT 8 Beta

Microsoft has released a Beta for DaRT 8. You find more details in the articles listed below. I’ve only been looking at it shortly, but here’s what I liked most: DaRT 8 now comes with full PowerShell support and some of the cmdlets added can also be used beyond DaRT. A complete new version of the DaRT image build wizard. UEFI support MDOP: DaRTing to the Future Microsoft DaRT 8 Beta Q&A

Windows 8 – Script for customizing WinPE 4.0 – Part 1

Today I want to share with you a small script I’ve put together for customizing WinPE 4.0 that will ship with Windows 8. I’ve rewritten the script based on some existing script code we already use today, but wanted by purpose a small independent script that I can hook in between the standard scripts provided within the ADK sources, mainly for familiarizing myself with anything new within WinPE 4.0. When you install the Windows Assessment Read More …

Windows 8 – Scheduled Maintenance Task won’t delete Desktop Shortcuts anymore

On Windows 7 many users suffer from disappearing shortcuts on their desktop. I wrote about this in Control Windows 7 Scheduled Maintenance Behavior Through Group Policy. On Windows 8 this shouldn’t happen anymore, since Microsoft has removed the related scripts and Tasks from the Diagnosis troubleshooting pack (DiagPackage.diagpkg) The following files have been removed from the C:\Windows\diagnostics\scheduled\Maintenance folder: RS_RemoveShortcuts.ps1 RS_RemoveUnusedDesktopIcons.ps1 TS_BrokenShortcuts.ps1 TS_UnusedDesktopIcons.ps1

Windows 8 – AutoPlay Configuration

While continuing my journey through Windows 8 I noticed some changes in the AutoPlay configuration. Compared to Windows 7, the AutoPlay configuration in Windows 8 is now clearly categorized by device / media type. A separate configuration option is now available for Camera storage and an additional option was added for blank blue-ray discs. (don’t be surprised about the two separate scrollbars in the above picture, I just pasted two screenshots together).

Running Windows 8 To Go on a Thin Client Device

Yesterday I tried out the Windows 8 To Go feature which allows you to run Windows 8 form a USB drive or USB stick. If you’re looking for a step by step guide, I suggest you look at the Microsoft TechNet Wiki here. Having booted Windows 8 To Go on nearly every desktop and notebook device I have at home I wondered whether this would work as smoothly on a Thin Client. And yes it Read More …