Windows 8 – AutoPlay Configuration

While continuing my journey through Windows 8 I noticed some changes in the AutoPlay configuration. Compared to Windows 7, the AutoPlay configuration in Windows 8 is now clearly categorized by device / media type. A separate configuration option is now available for Camera storage and an additional option was added for blank blue-ray discs. (don’t be surprised about the two separate scrollbars in the above picture, I just pasted two screenshots together).

Scripting HP Wireless Device State

An old colleague called me up this week (well in fact it was my old boss who has left our company), and told me about an issue they had when deploying an ISP specific Software Package that interacts with the Wireless Devices on their HP notebooks. The problem was that if the WWAN device has been turned of via the quick launch button by the end user, the software would not install. What many don’t Read More …

Nice article about Win7 and devices

Captured this article on Twitter “Will my device work on Windows7 ?” It’s worth reading as it gives a good insight on the device related changes.

Group Policy: Restrict Hardware like a pro

Here’s another video from GPanswers explaining how to restrict the use of certain devices within your managed environment.

Looking for HP Drivers ?

Usually when you would need a specific driver you go up to the vendors website and search for the driver download area. Since a while, HP provides a more convenient way to find latest drivers for your HP hardware. It’s called the HP Softpaq download manager. The HP Softpaq download manager allows you to easilly navigate to your device and get a list of all availabble drivers and related software, view the release note, and Read More …