Windows 8 – AutoPlay Configuration

While continuing my journey through Windows 8 I noticed some changes in the AutoPlay configuration. Compared to Windows 7, the AutoPlay configuration in Windows 8 is now clearly categorized by device / media type. A separate configuration option is now available for Camera storage and an additional option was added for blank blue-ray discs. (don’t be surprised about the two separate scrollbars in the above picture, I just pasted two screenshots together).

ToolTip – VLC Media Player

After nearly 13 years of development version 1.0 of VLC media player has been released in July 2009. What started as an academic project became one of the most powerful media players available today. VLC is available for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BeOS. If you want to play your different audio and video files with just one player, VLC is a must have. A complete feature overview can Read More …