Windows 8 – AutoPlay Configuration

While continuing my journey through Windows 8 I noticed some changes in the AutoPlay configuration. Compared to Windows 7, the AutoPlay configuration in Windows 8 is now clearly categorized by device / media type. A separate configuration option is now available for Camera storage and an additional option was added for blank blue-ray discs. (don’t be surprised about the two separate scrollbars in the above picture, I just pasted two screenshots together).

Enable Windows Remote Management through Group Policy

In today’s post I am going to show you how to enable Windows Remote Management through Group Policy.If you haven’t heard of Windows Remote Management yet I recommend you read the articles I have referenced below. When enabled and configured Windows Remote Management provides an easy way for IT Administrators to remotely access and manage Windows Clients and Servers. If you have used the Microsoft Sysinternals PSTools suite, you’re going to like this one as Read More …

Group Policy Settings to control BITS Bandwidth usage

I just read the article BITS – More Flexible Bandwidth Limit Policies on the Windows Management Infrastructure Blog which describes how BITS bandwidth usage can be configured through Group Policy settings. For Windows 7 (or computers with BITS 3.5 installed) there are 2 Group Policies that provide more granular control of BITS bandwidth usage during working / non-working days/hours and during scheduled maintenance days/hours. The 2 GPOs can be found under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Read More …

Managing Wireless Configuration with NETSH

Today when I was using the netsh command to configure some firewall settings, I noticed that it also has options for WLAN. (Yes you never stop learning). When opening a command prompt and executing NETSH Wlan Help you get the following options. add            – Adds a configuration entry to a table. connect        – Connects to a wireless network. delete         – Deletes a configuration entry from a table. disconnect     – Disconnects from a wireless network. dump           Read More …

ReadTip: Deployment guide for Microsoft Office 2010

This book covers information about the fundamentals of Deploying Microsoft Office 2010. Get it here

Extending Wallpaper search locations

When opening the “Change Desktop Background” Control Panel Windows by default uses the “Windows Desktop Backgrounds” picture location which is the content stored under C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper In addition to the Windows Desktop Backgrounds location Windows also let you choose a Wallpaper from other locations such as the Picture Library, Top Rated Photos, Solid Colors or you can simply browse and select a Wallpaper that is stored anywhere on your computer.   But there is another option, Read More …

BitLocker Deployment Sample Resources

During my weekly “let’s see what’s new”  search on some of my favorite websites, I found the “Bitlocker Deployment Sample Resources” on the MSDN Code Gallery. The Resource Page contains a lot of documentation and useful script samples for the deployment and management of Microsoft Bitlocker.

Adding Games on Windows 7 Enterprise

When you run a default Windows 7 Enterprise installation, you will notice that by default no games are being installed. System administrators using the Windows Automated Installation Toolkit can use the image manager to enable games within their customized Windows 7 Enterprise installation, but here’s another trick how you can get the games enabled. Open a command prompt with elevated Administrative privileges and execute the following command: dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:InboxGames when completed, you should Read More …

Server core configuration made easier on 2008-R2

Watch this video on TechnetEdge explaining simplified server core configuration with Server 2008-R2.

TCP/IP Registry values for Vista and Server 2008

Microsoft has updated the TCP/IP Registry Values for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 whitepaper that describes how to modify the TCP/IP behavior by making registry edits. The document can be downloaded from here