Looking for HP Drivers ?

Usually when you would need a specific driver you go up to the vendors website and search for the driver download area.

Since a while, HP provides a more convenient way to find latest drivers for your HP hardware. It’s called the HP Softpaq download manager.

The HP Softpaq download manager allows you to easilly navigate to your device and get a list of all availabble drivers and related software, view the release note, and with just one click, download the content that you need to your client.

You can download the HP Softpaq manager from the following website:

It takes just a few seconds to install and of you go.

3 Replies to “Looking for HP Drivers ?”

  1. Did not know that such a tool exists. Great! Downloaded it and started it. Waiting, waiting, waiting… gee! It takes a century to download the catalog. Well… after some time the catalog was downloaded and parsed. But! Where are the downloads for the Proliant servers? Only Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations, Blade Centers and some other stuff is available but no Proliant server stuff. What a shame?

    Do you know if HP will add Proliant server support for the tool?

    // Steve

  2. Would be great. Anyway… I find the tool great. Have never seen such a thing for other vendors. I know that IBM has something for their Thinkpads but the tool just allows you to download and install drivers and stuff for the current model where you run the tool. But HP has added much more functionality and flexibility to their Softpaq tool. Terrific! Now if only they would offer a Linux edition 🙂

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