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  1. Thank you, very usefull information!

    The last command in your article doesn’t work for me, it gives the following error:

    “%i was unexpected at this time”

  2. I have added a bunch of drivers to my windows 7 image using dism offline but some of the drivers have been replaced with a newer version. if i inject the new drivers then it appears that it’s not getting rid of the old drivers so my image is getting too big because of the growing size of the driverstore. do you know of a good way to clean out the driver store or how to replace it with the default driver store?

  3. Thank you for this post! Most posts that I have found in the internet do not teach how to use DISM to deal with Drivers.
    If someone wants to delete a driver from a working Windows copy, use pnputil. For DISM, use /Remove-Driver attribute. (Please read TechNet doc about it). Not sure if it really removes the driver or disable it.
    For Jay: I recommend you use MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) if you need to replace drivers in your image so much. It have a Graphical Interface, allows Windows install automatization, allows you to update the installation during deploying using WSUS, deploy applications after the install silently, and it makes a custom install image (WIM) with the drivers you select. Every time a driver is added, removed or replaced you can update the image.

  4. I tried to put your code — Dism /online /get-drivers /all /format:table >drivers2.txt — in a batch file, but I can’t get it to work right in Windows 7. When I double-click the batch file, it runs but the saved text file contains an Error 740 message “Elevated privileges are required.” When I right-click the batch file to Run as Administrator, the Command window flashes on my screen and quickly disappears, and the text file is no where to be found. What am I doing wrong?

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