Running Windows 8 To Go on a Thin Client Device

Yesterday I tried out the Windows 8 To Go feature which allows you to run Windows 8 form a USB drive or USB stick. If you’re looking for a step by step guide, I suggest you look at the Microsoft TechNet Wiki here.

Having booted Windows 8 To Go on nearly every desktop and notebook device I have at home I wondered whether this would work as smoothly on a Thin Client. And yes it does. Below you see a picture of Windows 8 32 Bit booted from USB on a HP Thin Client T5740e that normally runs Windows Embedded Standard 7.


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  1. I have an hptc t5730 (Mobile AMD Sempron 2100+) and am trying to do the same thing. I’ve tried just about every setting in the BIOS, and all four of the USB ports, but if I boot with the Windows 8 To Go key in any slot, it just hangs at the HP Logo screen. Any ideas?

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