Saturday morning ramblings with Windows 8 Hyper-V and Sun VirtualBox

Yesterday I prepared a new system with Windows 8 CP that has the latest Intel I7 processor and 8GB of RAM. My initial plan was to use Hyper-V which is now also included as a feature on the Client.

So on this beautiful Saturday morning I continued with the setup of this HP 8760w Elitebook.  But because I ran into several network related issues, others have also reported about on the Microsoft forums, I decided to switch back to Sun VirtualBox for now as that has worked fine on Windows 8 so far.

But then to my surprise I noticed that when creating a new VM in VirtualBox I could not select any 64 Bit guest anymore……..I had previously setup 64 bit OS guests in Hyper-V so was pretty sure the hardware supports it, just to go for sure, I went back into the BIOS and checked all the settings related to Virtualization, all set correctly.

I then ran the SecurAble tool that also provides the ability to show the whether a system provides Hardware Virtualization support and to my surprise it indicated it would not.

Well finally I removed the Hyper-V feature from Windows 8 CP and guess what……VirtualBox now allows me to select and install 64 Bit guests.

Conclusion: You never stop learning. Wish you all a great and relaxing week-end.

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