PowerShell Script – List Scheduled Tasks

Here’s a simple script I put together to list the scheduled tasks including the description, status and whether the task is set to hidden or not. When deploying a new operating system I find it important to understand what scheduled tasks are enabled to run, as sometimes there might be some potential to improvie the systems performance by disabling those you feel are not needed in your environment.

Within the Scheduled Tasks UI, by Read More …

Windows 8 – Scheduled Maintenance Task won’t delete Desktop Shortcuts anymore

On Windows 7 many users suffer from disappearing shortcuts on their desktop. I wrote about this in Control Windows 7 Scheduled Maintenance Behavior Through Group Policy. On Windows 8 this shouldn’t happen anymore, since Microsoft has removed the related scripts and Tasks from the Diagnosis troubleshooting pack (DiagPackage.diagpkg) The following files have been removed from the C:\Windows\diagnostics\scheduled\Maintenance folder: RS_RemoveShortcuts.ps1 RS_RemoveUnusedDesktopIcons.ps1 TS_BrokenShortcuts.ps1 TS_UnusedDesktopIcons.ps1

Scheduled Tasks for Windows Games

When opening the Windows Task Scheduler you might see a Task called “UpdateCheck_” located within the Games folder of the Task Scheduler Library. To enable or disable this Task open the “Game Explorer” within Windows and then select options. When selecting “Automatically check online for updates and news, then notify me when the’re available” a scheduled Task is automatically being created. When selecting “Never check online for updates or news, I’ll do it manually” the Read More …