ToolTip: Port Listener

Today I want to share with you a nice FREE tool I’ve just used recently while troubleshooting some networking issues on one of our customers network. The problem I had was that I couldn’t get my backend infrastructure talk to the client and vise versa. To keep this post generic I won’t use any products name, but both the backend and client that has an agent require that some ports are open in either one Read More …

ToolTip: Simple IP/IP Range Ping

I guess the name says it all, Simple IP/IP Range Ping is a small FREE standalone utility to scan an IP range. Simple IP/IP Range ping can be downloaded from here

The GatherNetworkinfo.vbs Script

I recently read the whitepaper“Using Windows Script Host and COM to Hack Windows” that is mentioning the GatherNetworkinfo.vbs script I hadn’t paid attention to yet. The gathernetworkinfo.vbs script comes by default with every Windows 7 installation and is located within the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. The script does collect various networking information about the Windows 7 system and its configuration and dumps the information into the C:\Windows\System32\Config folder. On a system where the script hasn’t been executed Read More …

ToolTip: SoftPerfect Connection Emulator

Today’s ToolTip is about SoftPerfect Connection Emulator SCE. As the name says the software allows you to emulate different connection types. Unfortunately the tool is not for free, but I found the software nice enough to give it a try and eventually buy it especially since I haven’t been able to find a free alternative yet. SCE allows you to simulate different network speeds such as modem, ISDN or DSL. You can either choose one Read More …

WatchTip: Creating a Firewall Rule to Allow ICMPv4 Echo Requests

Windows 7 with the Firewall enabled by default does not allow ping requests, hence when you ping a remote Windows 7 client it will not respond. In this WebCast John Baker explains how to configure the Firewall to respond to ICMPv4 Echo Requests. Watch the WebCast here

App-V Management Server Setup and SQL Server Configuration

During the Installation of the App-V Management Server on a Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server 2008 Express installed I ran into an problem specifying the database server and got an error as shown in the picture below. The installation program could not connect to the configuration data store. Please see the installation log file for more information. I solved the problem by opening the SQL Server Configuration Manager and enabled TCP/IP in the SQL Read More …

The Argument against Disabling IPv6

Last Friday I met with some friends I used to work with in the past and we had some talk about Windows 7 and IPv6. One had mentioned that they would explicitly disable the IPv6 on the client systems, this because they would not use it and they wanted to avoid unnecessary network traffic on their LAN/WAN. Back home I did some searches on the internet and found the below statement in the Support for Read More …

ToolTip: SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Just found another nice FREE Utility. As the name says SoftPerfect Network Scanner allows you to scan your network and allows you to find any IP, NetBIOS or SNMP enabled devices. The tool also supports Remote WMI, Registry and Service access that can be customized to your own needs. The Tool does not require installation. Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner from here

Some thoughts on IPv6

About 3 years ago when Windows Vista was on the horizon there has been a lot of talk around IPv6. But since then, at least in the environment I work in, it has become quiet around this topic. On Wikipedia we can read that based on a study from Google, penetration is still less than one percent of Internet traffic in any country But nowadays we more often hear about the IPv4 Address exhaustion meaning Read More …

IPv4 vs IPv6 Song

In my next blog post i will address the IP version 6 topic, but let me first share this amusing video I found while I was collecting information around IPv6. It’s really worth listening.