PowerShell – Retrieve App-V 4.6 Package Information

Today we’ve been looking at App-V 4.6 package settings before and after migrating them from ConfigMgr 2007 to ConfigMgr 2012, so after opening the App-V mmc console 3x manually…..another script was born. The below Get-Appv4PkgInfo.ps1 script retrieves information from the App-V Package WMI class. You can run the script against one or more computers and the optional –View parameter lets you define what information you want to see.  

PowerShell Script–Set App-V 4.6 Cache Size

Background: As part of our migration process from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012 R2 we also adjust the App-V Cache Size that is currently set to 6GB to 11GB because the ConfigMgr Agent Cache is set to 10GB, this by following the best practice described in Microsoft’s whitepaper Virtual Application Management with Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5/4.6 and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 where it says. “The App-V Client cache free disk space Read More …

How to create a custom antimalware policy in SCCM 2012 for your App-V sequencing clients

Today I wanted to start sequencing an application for App-V within my lab environment where I have deployed SCCM 2012 SP1 including Endpoint Protection. As I went through the Sequencing Wizard I got the well-known warning that I have Antivirus software running. Not an issue, just turn it off right?. Well since I have configured a custom Antimalware policy that is applied to all my clients to not allow configure the real-time protection settings, this Read More …

ToolTip: SuperFlow

Just learned about these SuperFlows, although some of them were already released a while ago, for some reason I missed that one, well you can’t keep up with everything. Just installed 3 of them, really cool stuff. If you’re dealing with SCCM or App-V, give it a try. The SuperFlow interactive content model provides a structured and interactive interface for viewing documentation. Read more (SCCM) here and (App-V) here Available SuperFlows System Center Configuration Manager Read More …

App-V Management Server Setup and SQL Server Configuration

During the Installation of the App-V Management Server on a Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server 2008 Express installed I ran into an problem specifying the database server and got an error as shown in the picture below. The installation program could not connect to the configuration data store. Please see the installation log file for more information. I solved the problem by opening the SQL Server Configuration Manager and enabled TCP/IP in the SQL Read More …

ReadTip: Making Applications Compatible with Windows 7 in a Virtualized Environment

Often people think that App-V is is an Application Compatibility Solution, it’s not. Chris Jackson has written an excellent article where he explains this in detail. Read the entire article here

App-V Visio Stencil

Just found a nice Visio Stencil for App-V on Kirx.org. Well done ! Get the stencil from kirx.org

ReadTip: Choosing the right App-V Delivery Model

If you’re planning on deploying App-V, but still busy with thinking of how you will get the virtualized applications to your end users I strongly recommend that you read the whitepaper “Choosing the right App-V Delivery Model” from Ment van der Plas. The document provides an excellent overview of the different App-V delivery scenarios and their pros and cons.

Configuring App-V Standalone Mode through Group Policy

If you plan to use the Microsoft App-V Stand-Alone Mode some Registry Settings are required for the Application Virtualization Client as described in detail on this App-V site here. But instead of setting these registry keys manually or through a custom script, you can also manage these settings through Group Policy. First download the Microsoft Application Virtualization Administrative Template (ADM Template). The ADM Template provides configuration options for the App-V 4.5/4.6 Client settings such as Read More …

ViewTip: Application Virtualization (App-V) Video Series

Learn how to configure App-V; create, publish, and update virtual applications; and create and manage policies for virtual applicationss. The videos can be downloaded from here