ReadTip: Best Practice: Active Directory Structure Guidelines

Alan Burchill author of the Group Policy Center blog has posted 2 great articles on Best Practices for Active Directory Structures. Best Practice:Active Directory Structure Guidelines – Part 1 Best Practice: Group Policy Design Guidelines – Part 2

ReadTip: Optimizing Group Policy Performance

This is an excellent article written by Darren Mar-Elia author of and founder of sdmsoftware. The article provides guidance for optimizing Group Policy Performance. Read the entire article here

ReadTip: Choosing the right App-V Delivery Model

If you’re planning on deploying App-V, but still busy with thinking of how you will get the virtualized applications to your end users I strongly recommend that you read the whitepaper “Choosing the right App-V Delivery Model” from Ment van der Plas. The document provides an excellent overview of the different App-V delivery scenarios and their pros and cons.

Architectural blueprint for Desktop Virtualization

In this video Daniel Feller shares some best practices on how to design a Desktop Virtualization solution. Additional Resources Consulting Whitepapers for XenDesktop 3.0 Ask the Architect: Next-Generation Desktop