ReadTip: Resources for Windows and Office license activation with XenDesktop

Below just a few resources I have collected related to Windows and Office license activation with XenDesktop. Licensing is not an exciting topic but we have to deal with it anyway. KMS Configuration using Citrix Provisioning Services Citrix Managing Microsoft KMS Volume Licensing Citrix Configuring Microsoft MAK Volume Licensing Citrix XenDesktop 5 Support Statement for Microsoft KMS activation with Machine Creation Services (MCS) Licensing Windows for VDI environments What is Microsoft VDA Licensing?

BGInfo Template for XenDesktop 5

During the past weeks I have spend a bit of time with Citrix XenDesktop 5 and while I was busy creating Desktop Groups, updating Master images, I thought i t could be helpful to see some information directly on the desktop. Show things on the desktop?, okay that’s a no-brainer, BGInfo from Sysinternals is what we need. So I created a template for BGInfo that just shows the information I need when using XenDesktop. The Read More …