Podcast: The Proper Fit for Desktop Virtualization

Last week I had a week off and went snowboarding with my family. Meanwhile my kids go too fast that I could follow them and my wife is a bit more fanatic in skiing than I am with snowboarding, so this leaves me with some time where I can listen to all those podcasts one downloads but never finds the time to listen to. Since I am rather a newbie within the Citrix space, it Read More …

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v1.0 Beta Demo Kit

Microsoft has made available a Demo Kit for their Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Beta aka MED-V. For more details read my earlier blog post “Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization aka MED-V”. The Demo Kit contains everything you need to get first hands-on experience. The Demo Kit can be downloaded from here.

Free Virtualization ebook from Microsoft

Confused about all the different solutions around Virtualization ? then get the “Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions” eBook. The document gives you all the information you need to better understand the various Virtualization offerings Microsoft has available today and will release in the near future.

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization aka MED-V

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) is Microsoft’s new product offering for so-called local virtualization or client based virtualization. The solution itself originates from Kidaro that was acquired by Microsoft last year. With local desktop virtualization a complete OS is executed on top of the operating system that is installed on the users physical device. Using a client based virtualization solution such as MED-V can help with application compatibility issues when migrating to a new operating Read More …