4 Great App-V videos

I’m just about to expand my knowledge a bit around App-V. I haven’t done any hands-on yet, because I usually first focus on gathering all the useful resources available on the net, and then start reading these. By doing so, I found these fantastic videos on The Blogcast Repository. Deployment Scenarios with App-V 4.5 Planning Considerations before Implementing App-V 4.5 The App-V Client (part 1) The App-V Client Part 2- Deep Dive By the way, Read More …

Free Virtualization ebook from Microsoft

Confused about all the different solutions around Virtualization ? then get the “Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions” eBook. The document gives you all the information you need to better understand the various Virtualization offerings Microsoft has available today and will release in the near future.

Application Virtualization Overview

For all those of you who want to get an overview on today’s Application Virtualization solutions and technologies, i recommend reading "Application Virtualization Solutions Overview and Feature Compare Matrix" published by Ruben Spruijt and Jurjen van Leeuwen.