Bill Gates announcing the Surface in 1991

Being interested in computer history, now and then I look at old recordings and found Bill Gates announcing the Touch Sensitive Surface 21 years before Steve Ballmer made the announcement in 2012.  Bill Gates mentions “Surface” near 2.22 mins.

Explore the Microsoft Open Specifications

If you’re interested in reading how things really work, the Microsoft Open Specifications are a great resource. Microsoft Open Specifications is primarily intended for software developers but can also be of interest for anyone else who works with Microsoft products. The reason why these documents are little-known is because it isn’t easy to find them on MSDN where they are published. This has changed now. On the Microsoft Open Specifications Developer Center you can now Read More …

How to find latest Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for Windows 8 and Server 2012

A great resource I am using for years already to proactively read through the Microsoft KB’s is a monitoring system that scans the entire Microsoft Knowledge Base every night. Now that Windows 8 and Server 2012 are out and Microsoft starts publishing KBs for it, you can track them easily via Below just some random KB’s I found interesting to know about. Remote Group Policy updates are visible to users ADM files are Read More …

Microsoft Fixit Center Pro (Beta)

If you haven’t heard of this yet, I recommend taking a look at recently launched Microsoft Fixit Center Pro (Beta). This is an online service developed by the Microsoft Customer Service and Support organization that can help you with troubleshooting problems. To learn more about Microsoft Fixit Center Pro, I recommend reading the following: Microsoft Fix it Center Pro Now Available! Microsoft Fix it Center Pro automated diagnostic portal    

WatchTip: Triumph of the Nerds

Those who follow my blog since a while may have noticed that I have always been interested and fascinated about he history of how everything started around computers. Today I’ve come across this 3 part documentary called “Triumph of the Nerds”. A very interesting documentary how things started around the Personal Computer. Enjoy ! Triumph of the Nerds: Impressing Their Friends 1/3 Triumph of the Nerds: Impressing Their Friends 2/3 Triumph of the Nerds: Impressing Read More …

Microsoft Product Lifecycle – The year 2014 is not that far away anymore

The countdown has started in less than 1000 days Windows XP will definitely go end of life. However note that not only Windows XP reaches its end soon, Office 2003, Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2003, SCCM 2003 and some other products are about to reach their end of life within the same timeframe. For my personal reference and yours if you like, I have put together a short overview of the end of life dates Read More …

Windows 95 turns 15, Windows 1.0 – 25

There’s a lot of talk about Windows 95 in these days as it’s 15 years ago when Windows 95 was launched. Well if all are so much in “Operating System Birthday” celebration mode, then let’s not forget that soon it will be 25 years ago since Microsoft released the very first version of Windows 1.0. More Windows Desktop OS History can be found here. What happened in 1985 here and in 1995 here. And believe Read More …

ReadTip: How Microsoft IT deployed Office 2010

If you are planning deploying Office 2010 throughout an enterprise read this.

Head-to-head analysis of Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, Quest vWorkspace, and VMware View

Ruben Spruijt has published an updated whitepaper “VDI Smackdown” which provides you with an overview of today’s VDI solutions. More details here

ToolTip: Microsoft Product Support Reports and Microsoft Product Support Reports Viewer

If you get tasked to do some system troubleshooting and you just want to get as many information possible from a client, then have a look at the Microsoft Product Support Report Tool and the Product Support Reports Viewer. The Microsoft Product Support Reports Viewer 2.0 can be downloaded from here and the Microsoft Product Support Reports from here First launch the Microsoft Product Support Tool, which is a self-extracting executable (no installation needed). Once Read More …