Windows 7 Product Activation Methods

Today I was asked whether Windows 7 Ultimate can be activated through KMS, since we’re primarily busy with Windows 7 Enterprise I couldn’t instantly provide an answer (I prefer to first check out things instead of providing an incorrect answer). So unless I have overlooked something…… only Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise can be activated using a KMS Infrastructure. Source: Windows Partner Activation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Volume License Keys

A good FAQ about Microsoft Volume licensing. Details here

4 Great App-V videos

I’m just about to expand my knowledge a bit around App-V. I haven’t done any hands-on yet, because I usually first focus on gathering all the useful resources available on the net, and then start reading these. By doing so, I found these fantastic videos on The Blogcast Repository. Deployment Scenarios with App-V 4.5 Planning Considerations before Implementing App-V 4.5 The App-V Client (part 1) The App-V Client Part 2- Deep Dive By the way, Read More …

Manage your Microsoft Product support Lifecycles

Knowing what products are being used within your IT environment is key. From a technology planning point of view its also important to understand the entire product lifecycle of a given product, especially when the it’s being used by a large amount of users or if its use is business critical. For Microsoft products, the Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search site can help you creating your technology roadmaps. Simply choose one of the options and select Read More …