How to setup KMS on Server 2012 for activating Office 2013 Preview

Hey there, it’s been a while since I wrote the last blog post, but that is because I spend 2 excellent weeks at an Italian beach with my family and enjoyed “dolce far niente”. Now and then I did read some tweets so of course got notice of the Office 2013 Preview Microsoft released earlier last week. So now that I’m back I have started reading through the various documentations and so I came across Read More …

Windows 8 Active Directory based volume activation

Windows Server 8 comes with a new role called Volume Activation Services. The Volume Activation Service allows IT administrators to enable volume activation for domain joined systems using a Key Management Service Host (KMS) or Active Directory based Activation. This means in theory that going forward there is no need anymore to install and manage a separate infrastructure for volume activation of Windows clients, servers and office, but according to the article “What’s new in Read More …

ReadTip: General (Windows) activation concepts (KMS/MAK)

A great article from Kevin Ledman – Microsoft Platforms Support, covering the following topics around Windows activation: What is KMS? What is MAK? What do you consider your ‘current operating systems? How do I know what I have available to me? I see both keys on the volume website, so I guess I have both options. Now what? I don’t have enough machines to use KMS, so I’ll use MAK. What do I do now? Read More …

Tip: How to troubleshoot KMS Activation problems

Here are some good resources for KMS troubleshooting: MS KB 938450 How to troubleshoot Volume Activation error codes on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista-based computers. TechNet article How to troubleshoot the Key Management Service (KMS)

Windows 7 Product Activation Methods

Today I was asked whether Windows 7 Ultimate can be activated through KMS, since we’re primarily busy with Windows 7 Enterprise I couldn’t instantly provide an answer (I prefer to first check out things instead of providing an incorrect answer). So unless I have overlooked something…… only Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise can be activated using a KMS Infrastructure. Source: Windows Partner Activation Guide

Office 2010 KMS Server Requirements

Although I have been working with Office 2010 for a while, I wasn’t aware of the KMS Server specific requirements until today when we were asked to load the Office 2010 KMS key into one of our customers KMS servers. A dedicated server is not needed to run KMS for Office 2010. A KMS host is a lightweight service, and you can co-host an Office 2010 and Windows KMS host. However, only Windows Server 2003, Read More …

Identifying KMS Servers

Assume you are at a client site and plan to deploy a Windows Server (2008 / 2008-R2) or Windows Clients (Windows Vista / Windows 7) and want to check if they do already have KMS Services running on their network. It’s very simple. Just open a command prompt and type the following command: nslookup -type=srv _vlmcs._tcp If KMS Services are present on the network the results will be listed as shown in the picture below. Read More …

Upgrade your existing KMS Service to support Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2

If you are already running an existing KMS Service within your environment, and you do not plan to install a new KMS Service, the following information might be of interest if you have plans for deploying Windows 7 or Server 2008-R2 systems. Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB968915) Update for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (KB968915) An update is available that installs Key Management Service (KMS) 1.2 for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack Read More …

Fundamentals of Volume Activation

If you are looking for a very easy 5 minute video that explains Volume Activation for Windows 7, then click here Additional sources TechNet Volume Activation Volume Activation changes in Windows7 Windows 7 Activation Improvements

Volume Activation changes in Windows7

Here is another video from TechnetEdge talking about the changes in volume activation for Windows7. What I found interesting to hear is that there will be a patch available for your current KMS server running on Windows Server 2003 or 2008 that will allow your current KMS system recognizing Windows7 clients.