ReadTip: General (Windows) activation concepts (KMS/MAK)

A great article from Kevin Ledman – Microsoft Platforms Support, covering the following topics around Windows activation:

  • What is KMS?
  • What is MAK?
  • What do you consider your ‘current operating systems?
  • How do I know what I have available to me?
  • I see both keys on the volume website, so I guess I have both options. Now what?
  • I don’t have enough machines to use KMS, so I’ll use MAK. What do I do now?
  • What is required to activate MAK?
  • I’d like to implement a KMS design. What do I need to have?
  • How to I choose which KMS key I want to use?
  • Does Microsoft monitor all activations? ie – is activation now the same as software metering?
  • How does KMS know what machines to activate? How do I make sure I don’t accidently activate the wrong machines?

Read the full article here

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