Where’s the ANY KEY

Go to the Where is the ANY KEY website and read tails on IT fails, Have fun. Troubleshooting a printer problem: Me: sorry your printer doesn’t work I need to get a driver from the internet User: Is it far this internet? Me: mmm? User: I can drive you there Me: ……………yea would be great Source: tayduck


I recently got some scripts that were nicely written, meaning well formatted, documented and structured. What I liked most was the clearly visible separation of the main code and the subroutines. The code blocks were separated by ASCII Code based letters as shown on the picture below. If you go to http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ you can create your own text using the ASCII Generator. Now that we speak about ASCII, during my little search on the web Read More …

Why you should pretend you don’t know anything about computers

The inspiration for this post came from a tweet which had the link below included which is a nice comic explaining why you should pretend you don’t know anything about computers. If you are an IT Pro, you probably know that scenario where you are at someone’s place and you are being asked what you do for for a living. Usually I just reply with “I work in the IT sector” where then usually the Read More …

Video – What is a Browser

Just came across this video where people are being asked to explain what a Browser is. Its funny most people use it every day, but obviously don’t pay much attention how they get on to the internet. It’s just a matter of clicking that blue E.