I recently got some scripts that were nicely written, meaning well formatted, documented and structured. What I liked most was the clearly visible separation of the main code and the subroutines. The code blocks were separated by ASCII Code based letters as shown on the picture below.

imageIf you go to you can create your own text using the ASCII Generator.

imageNow that we speak about ASCII, during my little search on the web for the above, I also came across another fancy tool called ASCII Generator .NET. The tool allows converting pictures into ASCII Code.

image Converted Windows 7 Logo


Converted John Lennon Picture

UPDATE (Thanks Steve)
Here is another resource for ASCII Text.


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  1. Reusing is good. I wish more people would share their code with others. And help others to reach their target faster.

    btw: Updated WP to 2.9.1 🙂 🙂

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