Why you should pretend you don’t know anything about computers

The inspiration for this post came from a tweet which had the link below included which is a nice comic explaining why you should pretend you don’t know anything about computers.

If you are an IT Pro, you probably know that scenario where you are at someone’s place and you are being asked what you do for for a living. Usually I just reply with “I work in the IT sector” where then usually the other person replies with “oh so you repair PCs?”. Because explaining my job (Technology Consultant)  to someone who is not working in the IT sector isn’t that easy anyway I try to keep the answer as simple as possible by saying “I support companies to run their IT”. But usually that doesn’t help much, so if possible I try to switch topic or ask them what they do.

But sometimes, it’s better you don’t mention that you work with computers at all. Why ? well read this comic “Why it’s better to pretend you don’t know anything about computers” and you know why. I’m sure it has happened to you before.

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