Top 10 List of Data Loss Disasters 2008

Last week-end I was sitting in an airplane and read a magazine that was provided for free to travelers at the airport (of course i had chosen an IT related one 🙂 ). The magazine contained an article talking about the top 10 data loss disasters collected by Ontrack. The Top 10 list of data loss disasters 2008 can be found here.

Font Collection

Yesterday evening I was helping out my wife with creating some invitation cards for a children event that takes place during spring vacation. For the juniors there was a picture on the front side of the invitation that was okay, but we both decided that for the teen-agers we must use a different theme. Finding the right picture wasn’t easy, so we decided to just write text, but to use a cool font. Although Office Read More …

Dust can bring your PC down

Yesterday I helped out a friend to move into his new apartment. Once we had completed moving the heavy parts he asked me if I could connect his PC and while i would do that maybe also do a quick system check. So I connected back all the cables and powered up the machine and noticed that it was incredibly loud, but did not pay any further notice to that. I checked if the system Read More …

The History of Microsoft on Channel 9

Interested in how it all started off at Microsoft ? On Channel 9 a new series call “History of Microsoft” has started. A new episode is being released every Thursday. So far the following episodes have been published: History of Microsoft 1975 History of Microsoft 1976 History of Microsoft 1977 As new episodes come out you find them here.