Adding Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DART) to your Windows 7 boot menu

Last weekend I went through the Microsoft TechEd 2010 presentations and one of the presentations that got my attention was “Keeping Windows Running Effeciently with the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset”. Presentation video and slides from this session can be found here (TechEd USA) or here (TechEd Europe) The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset is part of the MDOP Toolset. If you’re not familiar I recommend watching the TechEd presentation or read more here. One Read More …

ToolTip: BlueScreenView

Anyone who uses Windows has seen at least once a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Even Bill Gates had to deal with it (watch this video). NirSoft has released a utility called BlueScreenView that scans all the minidump files that are being created when a BSOD occurs and displays all information about these crashes. The utility is FREE and does not need to be installed. A detailed description of BlueScreenView can be found here

Top 10 List of Data Loss Disasters 2008

Last week-end I was sitting in an airplane and read a magazine that was provided for free to travelers at the airport (of course i had chosen an IT related one 🙂 ). The magazine contained an article talking about the top 10 data loss disasters collected by Ontrack. The Top 10 list of data loss disasters 2008 can be found here.