Update for Google Toolbar available (fixes issues with Internet Explorer 8 and 9

If you’re using the Google Toolbar and Internet Explorer 8/9 you might have experienced bad browser performance (I did). There is an update from Google that seems to solve these issues. It did for me so far. The Microsoft KB can be found here but since that article only refers to the Google site, you can get the update directly from here

Running Google LiveAndroid in VMWare Workstation

When I checked my Twitter messages today, I came across a message about LiveAndroid. LiveAndroid allows you to run Google’s Android operating system that is used on mobile phones on a x86 platform. First you need to download the LiveAndroid ISO files. liveandroidv0.2.iso.002 and liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 The ISO file has been splitted due to maximum upload size restrictions. Once you have downloaded both files, run HJ-Split to merge the two files into one ISO file. Now Read More …

Google Search issues

Looks like Google has an issue, whatever word you enter in Google search, most results are being flagged with “This site may harm your computer“. Clicking on the link, brings you another message. So since a long time, we’re switching back to Altavista who let’s me surf wherever I want to go.

Google launches Chrome Browser

Today Google launched its own first web browser called Chrome. Less is more, Chrome comes with a very nice lean design. Chrome has a couple of nice features, one I personally found quite interesting is that the address bar also acts as the search bar. As you type in words in the address bar, you receive instant search results. I’m quite sure that the chrome browser will get quickly adopted by home users, as we Read More …

When Google was born

Using the the waybackmachine on archive.org allows you to see content of archived pages from the Internet. So i thought, let’s have a look at the early days of Google.com Google.com on November 11th 1998 Google.com on December 12th 1998 Then in September 1999 they launched officially. Read the announcement. Google.com Today (July 31rd 2008).   For those interested the Google Milestones can be read here.