Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Silent Install

Being one of the lucky ones who was able to sign-up to the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview program, I have started looking at the deployment of Microsoft Office 2010 today. My first observation was that unfortunately the provided documentation seems to be ahead of the Office Installation sources that have been made available for download. I noticed this when making an attempt to run the setup.exe /admin command which would normally launch the Office Read More …

Microsoft My Phone Beta

Yesterday I received my new mobile phone. Everyone that has switched mobile phones once, knows the pain of getting all the data transferred to the new device. I had heard about the My Phone service from Microsoft, a web based solution that allows you to backup and restore your mobile phone data to a secured web site. So I signed up to I had all my data synched from my old device to the Read More …

TechNet – Windows 7 Forums

Looking for answers on Windows 7 ? have a look  on the Microsoft Technet Forums for Windows 7 Beta.

I have changed my mind

In October 2008 I dropped a post called Don’t wait for Windows 7. Well during the past days I have changed my mind and I guess many others did as well concerning waiting for Windows 7. When Windows 7 came up on the horizon last year, we heard statements like “it isn’t expected to begin for Windows 7 until at least mid-2011” also at that time, nobody expected Microsoft to provide a public Beta of Read More …

MDT 2010 and AIK 2.0 Beta released

Just found out that Microsoft has released MDT 2010 AND AIK 2.0 BETA on Microsoft Connect. So now we cannot only test Windows 7 BETA but we can also start looking at it’s deployment.

Vista SP2 CPP anouncement

According to a blog post on the Windows Blog from Mike Nash, Windows Vista SP2 will be made available on TechNet Thursday December 4th. Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) Customer Preview Program (CPP The current plan is to ship Vista SP2 in the first half of 2009. ….. in fact it’s already available on MSDN now:

Google launches Chrome Browser

Today Google launched its own first web browser called Chrome. Less is more, Chrome comes with a very nice lean design. Chrome has a couple of nice features, one I personally found quite interesting is that the address bar also acts as the search bar. As you type in words in the address bar, you receive instant search results. I’m quite sure that the chrome browser will get quickly adopted by home users, as we Read More …

IE 8 Beta 2 released

Earlier as planned, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. A final release date has not been communicated yet.