Microsoft My Phone Beta

Yesterday I received my new mobile phone. Everyone that has switched mobile phones once, knows the pain of getting all the data transferred to the new device.

I had heard about the My Phone service from Microsoft, a web based solution that allows you to backup and restore your mobile phone data to a secured web site.


So I signed up to I had all my data synched from my old device to the new device within 15 minutes. This is what i did.

I Installed the MyPhone Beta application on my old device by launching Once installed I had to sign-up with my existing Live-ID account and when logged on I could define the content I wanted to have synchronized.

Once the synchronization was completed, I launched and could actually see my uploaded content. So far so good.

I then installed the MyPhone Beta application on my new device, again by launching Once installed and having completed the initial sign-up, i could simply synchronize the previously backed up data to my new device.

I have been switching mobile phones since 1998, but it has never been that easy.

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