ToolTip: System Sherlock Lite

Came across a nice FREE standalone utility called System Sherlock zetConsultants System Sherlock allows you to take snapshot of the file system and registry and compare the changes. You can run the GUI or command line version. The command line version can come in handy when you want to integrate a before/after snapshot into a script. The tools is easy to use. First define what you want to include into the snapshot and define Read More …

ToolTip: Microsoft Download Manager

If you’re looking for a simple to use Download Manager, have a look at the Microsoft Download Manager. It does not have that many specialized features as many other download managers out there, but it’s a nice FREE and simple to use tool. You must install the software, but it only uses about 1.3 MB. The Microsoft Download Manager can be downloaded from here

ToolTip: Port Listener

Today I want to share with you a nice FREE tool I’ve just used recently while troubleshooting some networking issues on one of our customers network. The problem I had was that I couldn’t get my backend infrastructure talk to the client and vise versa. To keep this post generic I won’t use any products name, but both the backend and client that has an agent require that some ports are open in either one Read More …

ToolTip: DriverStore Explorer

In my previous blog post Inside the Windows 7 Driver Store I explained how to retrieve information about the Windows in-box drivers. Beside the in-box drivers the driver store also hosts the drivers installed via Windows Update or the native OEM provided driver installation package. The Driver Store Explorer utility provides a GUI interface for the Windows Driver Store. So instead of using pnputil (read Vijay’s post for details) or dism, the Driver Store Explorer Read More …

ToolTip: Service Trigger Editor

if you found the previous post Windows 7 Service Triggers interesting, then you will like this utility too. The Service Trigger Editor provided by Core Technologies Consulting LLC is a FREE utility providing a UI to list and edit Service Triggers. The Tool can be downloaded from here and is ready to run (no installation required)

ToolTip – RegFromApp

Most Windows Operating System and Application settings are stored within the Windows Registry, so if you want to create a script that automates customized settings, but don’t know the exact registry key location or value, you usually end up creating a so-called registry snapshot that records the changes made to the Windows registry when applying a system or application change. Creating registry snapshots can be done with almost every application packaging software like InstallShield, or Read More …

ToolTip – Another Picture Resizer

I blogged earlier about Image resizer utilities, but just found another one worth mentioning. Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows is as its name says a clone of the Windows XP Image Resizer Powertoy that runs on Windows Vista as well, in both 32 and 64 bit version. Once installed the utility adds an entry into the file context menu “Resize Pictures”. Enjoy