ToolTip: System Sherlock Lite

Came across a nice FREE standalone utility called System Sherlock zetConsultants System Sherlock allows you to take snapshot of the file system and registry and compare the changes. You can run the GUI or command line version. The command line version can come in handy when you want to integrate a before/after snapshot into a script.

The tools is easy to use. First define what you want to include into the snapshot and define the location of the dump file. Then click on the Create button to create the first snapshot.


Once the first snapshot is made, apply the changes to the system by installing software or running a script. Then modify the name of the dump file for example by just increasing the filename number. Then create another snapshot.

To compare the dump files, click on the Compare Snapshots button and select the source and target dump file you wish to compare. As you can see, you can compare the several snapshots with each other.


Once the comparison process has completed they results are listed as shown below.


System Sherlock Lite can be downloaded from here

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